The reception has numerous info-folders, guidelines and much information on the attractions and sites to visit in the area. Please make contact if you wish any guidance as we should come prepared in this conversation

Knuthenborg Safari

Located 20 minutes by car from the Hotel is the great Exotic animal park of Knuthenborg. The park is spectacular in size and diversity in animals. For more info visit

Center of Dark ages

6 km from the hotel, you will find a research and exhibition center from the dark ages. The centre has an active knight combat arena and lots of housing and volunteers living like they did 1000 years ago.

Nykøbing Zoo

A good size Zoo with a wide range of animals including lots of reptiles, a tiger and penguins is located just 2 kilometers from the Hotel. A great day for all ages can be enjoyed here.

Marielyst Golf &Fun

In a park for all ages, enjoy and work on your dexterity with stuff ranging from Segway rally to batting cages and mini golf.

Marielyst Beach

Just 10 kilometers from the Hotel, you will fin the best and most spectacular beach in Denmark only rivaled by one northern Jylland beach. Enjoy a day in the sun and the holiday-town of Marielyst.

Fuglsang Art Gallery

The art gallery of Fuglsang offers 3 centuries of art and can be enjoyed by all ranges of experience in the world of art. This modern construction is worth visiting if you enjoy art.